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CREATURE FEATURES traditionally refers a proud history of Horror and Science Fiction movies formatted for broadcast TV on local stations throughout the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

Among the notable versions are:

WNEW 5 in New York

WKBG 56 in Boston–sometimes as
Creature Double Feature

WKBD 50 in Detroit

WSJV 28 in South Bend, Indiana–also, Creature Double Feature

WUTV 29 in Buffalo

WKBS 48 in Philadelphia as
Creature Double Feature.

WGN 9 and WFLD 32 in Chicago

KBSI 23 in Missouri with hostess
Misty Brew

WTOG 44 in Tampa with
Dr. Paul Bearer

WCIX 6 in Miami

WQAD 8 in Quad Cities with host Chuck Acri

KSHB 41 in Kansas City with hostess Crematia Mortem

KMTV 3 in Omaha hosted by
Dr. San Guinary

WDCA 20 with
Count Gore DeVol


KTVU-Channel 2 in Oakland with Host Bob Wilkins and later John Stanley. Both host interviewed many celebrities from all genres on the show…

For our
CREATURE FEATURES FOREVER celebration we have added a new category to our OSI 74 ROKU channel that we will be adding to all month long–It spotlights all aspects of this grand tradition past present and future .

–And for

We are presenting a rare BOB WILKINS Interview with DUNCAN RENALDO,
star of THE CISCO KID.

Special Thanks to for supplying this footage…



TO ALL CREATURE FEATURES FANS: A letter from John Stanley

**Update: As of April 16th “Creature Features” with host Al Omega was discontinued on KOFY TV and subsequently replaced with Vincent Van Dahl’s sanctioned “Creature Features” show.


I have been very disturbed by what is happening on KOFY’s
new Saturday midnight series, “CREATURE FEATURES.” **

Its host Jim Currie, who uses the name Al Omega to
describe the TV horror host character he is portraying, is
reportedly trying to trademark the title “CREATURE
FEATURES,” which has been a generic title in use since the
era of the horror host dating back to the 1960s and 1970s.
(It was also the name of a board game that dates back to
1975.) This is extremely disturbing, given that, for one
thing, “CREATURE FEATURES” was the title of Bob Wilkins’
long-running series on Channel 2 in Oakland, CA.

Bob enjoyed eight successful years in the ratings,
building a huge audience that today still fondly remembers
him and his humorous and warm style of introducing horror,
fantasy and science-fiction movies. Bob was usually seated
in a yellow rocking chair, clutching a cigar in one hand.
Next to him was a small table atop which rested a human
skull with a candle inserted into the top. Behind him, on
the wall, was a sign reading “WATCH HORROR FILMS, KEEP

When Bob decided to retire in 1978, I was chosen as his
replacement and continued the series for an additional six
years. Thus did “CREATURE FEATURES” enjoy continued
success for a 14-year period, making it one of the
longest-running shows in the San Francisco Bay Area TV

Bob was a close and personal friend, and to see “Al Omega”
using Bob’s visuals, slogan and format as part of his own
show does not set well with me. Especially since Currie
never even bothered to ask for permission to use these
identifiable objects entirely related to Bob Wilkins. What
gives him the right to use them without at least asking
for permission? It also disturbs me that he addresses the
skull on his mediocre set as “Bob.”

Tom Wyrsch, producer of the 2008 Bob Wilkins documentary
individual responsible for bringing Bob and myself back in
2000 to make personal appearances at special shows and
conventions, first notified me about Currie’s attempts to
trademark the title.

Tom also informed me that Mr. Currie sent a
cease-and-desist letter to the management of Silicon
Valley Comic Com demanding that they remove Vincent Van
Dahl from the guest slot at their upcoming convention.
Vincent is the host of Northbay TV’s variant of Creature
Features, a show on which both Tom and I have been guests.
The producers of that program requested (and received)
both mine and Tom’s endorsement to do an alternate version
of the show before they ever began any filming, unlike Mr.
Currie who simply decided to blatantly abscond with all of
the elements that made the Bay Area Creature Features
unique and to call it his own. Northbay TV told us that
Currie even went so far as to send a similar letter to
both YouTube and Vimeo in an effort to close down their
online channels.

This is demeaning behavior that utterly sickens me.

Tom described it well when he wrote me: “Currie is
attempting to use squatting rights to claim he somehow
owns the show’s title. He has applied for trademarks for
both the ‘CREATURE FEATURES’ title and for Bob’s
much-remembered slogan ‘Watch Horror Films – Keep America
Strong.’ As you know, there have been many horror host
programs titled ‘CREATURE FEATURES’ for the past fifty
years. And as far as we know, no one has ever tried to
monopolize the title in all of that time nor in the manner
that Mr. Currie is attempting. The Creature Features
community has always practiced a civil camaraderie. Mr.
Currie’s efforts to gain dominance over the name will no
doubt have a chilling effect on this community. But even
more concerning is that he also applied for a trademark
for ‘Watch Horror Films, Keep America Strong!’, Bob
Wilkins’ signature catchphrase and slogan which he coined
in 1966 and used his entire career. If approved, it would
be, in my opinion, outright theft.”

Tom Wyrsch also informed me that the Wilkins family is not
pleased with this situation. Tom spoke with Bob’s wife
Sally Wilkins recently and she told him she is quite
saddened that somebody would be trying to monopolize and
monetize her late husband’s most famous works.

Nor am I, who is still indebted to Bob Wilkins for what he
did to advance my career, pleased about anything Currie
is trying to pull off. If he wants to be a TV horror host
he can do it without stealing outright all those things
which identified Bob Wilkins to his ever-loving audience
of dedicated fans. You fans live on, and I hope you too
will rise up in protest against this outright thievery.”


bob and johnDespite being cancelled from KOFY TV Mr. Currie is still in the process of trademarking the term “Creature Feature” and the phrase “Watch Horror Films — Keep America Strong”.

Lost in Time like a bug in a jar….

No matter where you go… there you are…

Sorry for our absence!
Where have we been? Well… that is a long story.

Sometime Mid-October 2015 the crew here at Horror Host Magazine got beamed to the far reaches of space — a place governed by a coven of underground television producers. We found ourselves at OUTER SPACE INTERNATIONAL, an “off world” production colony and distribution network bringing you unusual, experimental, and entertaining programs from many different creative worlds. 12279120_500182306828566_5555775538097286290_nNow we’re thinking beyond standard television and learning from the great pioneers of UHF, Home Video, and Early Cable that we grew up with. We’re also taking a bit of inspiration from Drive-In theaters, Backyard movies, Community media, Film festivals, Comic books, “Mom-N-Pop” video stores, and The Space Race.

Like it or not, this is the future of Cinema. We want you to be nostalgic about the future again.

11061654_428033147376816_710250624377578443_n“Bigger than TV”

Our channel,4 OSI 74 is streaming content On Demand via the internet. We officially launched at 7:40 PM EST on Friday October 30th 2015— we have original programming and series for you to view now.  Sneak Previews, Trailers, Special Announcements, The Program Guide, and Random Nonsense will run before and after the scheduled content.  Our content can also be viewed in Television households via ROKU streaming devices.

11217543_477487169098080_1965214176332087896_n11263112_429551300558334_3782903653306140721_nWe encourage outside producers to own and control their content as well as making new content collectively for the channel to distribute. Series Producers not only have a home with us to present their content, they are also granted advertising spots in the schedule to promote their projects and monetize their work. We provide support and cross promotion to our producers to build their audience and find people, like you, who want this kind of programming.

“Beyond Horror, besides Sci-Fi, beneath Comedy, and betwixt Mysteries–OSI 74 delivers programs for smart viewers with a taste for the absurd.”1450237_425492024297595_917834852834454820_n

We will have fundraisers for both the channel and the individual producers as well as our own crowd sourcing engine we call TIP JAR that will be promoted on the channel and the website. 100% of what goes in your TIP JAR goes to that producer. We will also support our producers Patreon and Kickstarter campaigns as well as any attempts to be self-sustaining. We will offer “on-demand” videos and downloads of certain shows on our server in exchange for a share of the revenue. OSI also distributes DVDs and other merchandising of certain shows as well as for the network as a whole. This is a bold new venture and and we are making new discoveries everyday. Thank you for taking this journey with us…


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