Nuke Nova: World Gone Wild

by Fred FrederickApocalypse Wow

world gone wild media vhs adWorld Gone Wild is a perfect piece of Eighties sci-fi pie. In fact, it’s one of my favorites, and you’re already wrong for not feeling the same way. What? You’ve never even heard of it? Don’t worry, I expect to convert you all into rabid fans by the end.

In the Eighties, we got a bunch of Star Wars copycats and wannabes, like Battle Beyond the Stars and Krull, and they all have the same story. There’s a bad guy who invades, good guys who can’t stop him, the good guys need help to stop the bad guys, and so they call in some questionable characters. These movies are mostly about obtaining that help from a bunch of Warrior-of-the-Lost-Worldmiscreants who live in the gray area between saint and sinner. Then you have another Eighties trope, the post-nuclear apocalyptic future with Mad Max as it’s Han Solo type anti-hero, and no actual hero anywhere in sight. From there, we had a bunch of knock-offs, like Warrior in a Lost World where talking motorcycles and cars with spikes fill a dying world of mutants and 80s inspired punk fashionistas. It may not be the future mankind wants, but this is the future mankind actually deserves, not like in Star Trek where nerds get laid and inherit the Earth.


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Post Apoca-Lipstick: Duck and Covergirls

Apocalypse Wow1 CW
2 CWYellow smoke drifts across the Trashed Lands of the former Union. The cities are ruins and Neuvo-barbarians and Techno-gangs rule the roads in tribes. After killing off a tribe of Steampunks and rogue band of Anime kids, the publisher of HORROR HOSTS AND CREATURE FEATURES Dixie Dellamorto Lobo and Convention Cosplay Model Laura Owens, AKA Catsiy stand watch in an abandoned building–waiting to be joined by the huddled masses searching for style.

Celebrating the world of Cult Movie Culture and Mad Science–Our team has been struck by the growing popularity of Post-Apocalypse and Dystopian Future fashions. Giving us radioactive dreams of Post-Punk Post-Nuke Post-Modern mash ups. Dixie was the stylist for this photo shoot and did make up and hair. Laura Owens, an award winning Costumer and cosplay judge who is a regular at the famous Otakon Anime Convention, was tapped by our magazine for her Manga-like good looks and for her influence in the Cosplay Community.
                4 CW6 CW

Documenting this frontier of fandom with his camera is director/producer Mr. Lobo who has been waiting for another Post-Apocalypse boom since his 1992 underground comic book NUKE NOVA: ADVENTURES IN THE RUST AGE.

On an upcoming episode of his cult movie program CINEMA INSOMNIA for connected television–Mr. Lobo is decked out in his own post-apocalypse gear–designed by Dixie Dellamorto–to host genre spoof CYZORK 7 and to also cover the annual MAD MAX/ROAD WARRIOR themed event WASTELAND WEEKEND in the California Desert. Lobo predicts that with the coming of the long anticipated feature MAD MAX: FURY ROAD it will not only be a popular new episode but will evidence the return of a favorite genre staple of the 1980’s.

The supplier of some of the finer leather pieces like the loin belts in the photo shoot is artist Freddie Bagnato of LEATHERHEADS. Her studio has a Seasonal Shop on the premises of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. Freddie has always loved this genre and is hopeful that this mode will catch on as big as Steam Punk, Pirates, or Fantasy Cosplay.
5 CW
We veterans of the Psychic Wars hope that these post-card pictures from the end of civilization will inspire you to put on a bunch of terrible movies, dig through your closets and local thrift stores, and assemble your own Post-Apocalyptic outfit for your next Doomsday Party.

Mad Max Renegade

Apocalypse WowMad Max Renegade is a post-apocalyptic fan film that had it’s internet premiere last year. It stars Liam Fountain and the famed Pursuit Special, otherwise known as the Last of the V-8 Interceptors. The story chronicles the further adventures of Main Force Patrol Officer Max Rockatansky days after stealing the Pursuit Special. We here at Horror Hosts and Creature Features are die hard Mad Max fans and we feel this is one of the best Mad Max fan films that we’ve ever seen. What do you think?

From the Wastes come Undying

Apocalypse WowMeanwhile in the Wasteland, brothers Jared and Greg Butler, have teamed up with A-list FX artists, a prosthetic makeup reality show star, and a small army of post-apocalypse aficionados to launch a crowdfunded movie that will finally turn zombies into heroes.
We had a blast at Wasteland Weekend a few months back and are pretty excited to see what these fine fellows can do to merge two of our favorite things —
Post-Apocalyptic science fiction and Horror.

Oscar Nominee Greg Butler (visual FX for Harry Potter) and his brother Jared Butler (screenwriter) think it’s high time that zombies had some brains. Their new Kickstarter-funded short film Undying aims to do just that. “The other classic movie monsters like werewolves and vampires eventually got their turn as the hero, and we think the zombie is long overdue” says Jared. “To do it, we’ve put a new spin on the “monster”. Why do they have to be brainless? What if they were exactly like you and me but just couldn’t die?”
The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, where humans have been reduced to their basest instincts and the zombies have become the good guys. Greg notes “I don’t think we’ve seen that before in a straight action movie. The only time the zombies are given any intelligence has been when it’s played for laughs”.
The Butlers knew their script was massive in scope, so they’ve turned to some of their industry friends to help make it a reality on a small budget. They brought in Dave Hardberger (VFX camera work on everything from Blade Runner to Lord Of The Rings), McCune Design (legendary model shop where the first Star Wars models and droids were made) and Eric Fox (Friend of Mr. Lobo, horror makeup FX prosthetics expert, and breakout star from this season of SyFy’s Face Off).
Despite all the experience in computer FX that’s behind the camera for this project, the brothers have taken a more “practical” approach. “We love practical FX work” says Greg. “Computers are great, but they’re just a tool. We love to mix them in with traditional in-camera techniques. The kind of stuff you don’t see as much anymore. That’s why this movie is going to have miniatures, real desert locations, real flamethrowers, and huge practical sets. There’s nothing quite like the real thing”. There’s usually nothing quite as expensive either. That’s where Wasteland Weekend comes in. Jared co-founded Wasteland Weekend several years ago as a fully-immersive Mad Max-style music and arts festival. Jared notes, “we have full-scale set pieces, drivable post-apocalyptic vehicles, and an army of costumed extras. We know how to build a city in the desert”.
And as for why they’ve decided to crowdfund this project rather than pitch it to Hollywood (Jared has several studio projects in development) – “That was simple” says Jared, “we want to make something that pushes the boundaries of uncompromising, unencumbered, un-focusgrouped filmmaking. For that, you’ve got to break out on your own.”
To learn more about the film visit the project’s pitch page here: