The Radio Roots of Horror Hosting: From Old Nancy to Vampira! Part 2

RADIO ROOTS Part 2:  A Grim Gang Brought Scares to the Air!

by Lord Blood-Rah

layout and cover art by Mr. Lobo

In part one, we clambered down the cobwebbed Halls of Horror Host History to explore the Horror Hosts of Radio! Orson Wells broke out as the spectral narrator of THE DETECTIVE STORY HOUR to become the Suspense superstar known as THE SHADOW and OLD NANCY from THE WITCH’S TALE appeared in a puff of green smoke to become what some call radio’s the first true HORROR host. Now lean in and listen to hear more of this chilling story…

 OLD NANCY of THE WITCH’S TALE lead a petrifying parade of radio Horror Hosts!

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The Radio Roots of Horror Hosting: From Old Nancy to Vampira!

RADIO ROOTS Part 1:  The Shadow Knows and a Tradition Grows!

By Lord Blood-Rah

     Down the cobwebbed Halls of Horror Host History many well known names echo; VAMPIRA, ZACHERLEY, GHOULARDI, and a haunted hoard of others.  But, in a far gloomy corner, just beyond sight, echo names of those not as well known in our era, but whose influence is still felt. They are the forerunners of our tradition of terror, the primordial presenters of fearful fare.  They are the Horror Hosts of Radio! 

"Old Time Radio Days"

      Before home computers, or even television, RADIO was THE home entertainment medium.  Radio brought it’s millions of listener’s news, commentary, music, and, most importantly to fear fiends like us, stories of suspense and horror. Unlike TV shows and films these tales relied only on voices, sounds and the listener’s imagination to chill the blood. 

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