Marlena and “Midnite Mausoleum” Rise Again! – Now on Local Broadcast TV in October! June 5th, HORROR HOSTS AND CREATURE FEATUES reported–in an article called DOORS SHUT AT MIDNITE MAUSOLEUM–that our favorite cuddly cadaver, Marlena Midnite, had ceased production on her show Midnite Mausoleum. The last episode of Mausoleum was shot in January and the sets were destroyed to make way for their movie project, DAWN OF DRACULA.

Well, many months have passed and HALLOWEEN miracles do happen! The Mausoleum is open for business once again — We’re just giddy excitement  as we share their exciting news!

MIDNITE MAUSOLEUM returns with ALL NEW episodes via WQAD MyTV 8-3 (Davenport – Moline – Quad Cities).

After shooting their “last episode” in January of 2013, Marlena Midnite along with Robyn Graves , Wolfred, Franklin, Bones Are shooting new episodes of the show that premieres on Friday October 3rd. new show features an all new more spacious mausoleum and a few new friends will pop up at the mausoleum as well. The new Midnite Mausoleum will run on both Friday and Saturday nights at 10:30.

It’s a very exciting time for all of us here at the mausoleum , we honestly did not plan on coming back to doing the show anytime soon (if at all) but we got a call back in June and …well… “They made us an offer we couldn’t refuse” and about a month later we had a deal.

We feel very honored to join the ranks of the commercial broadcast television horror hosts and now we have an all new added dimension of local involvement which is something we never had before (in spite of the fact that our old show ran on over 50 public access stations around the country – it NEVER ran within 80 miles of here).

We are still looking into the possibility of the station (or someone else) streaming the show online for viewers in other areas… sadly we don’t have an answer yet… but We will keep you posted.

Prepare the way for the return of Midnite Mausoleum !

Marlena – Robyn – BlakeWE

We at Horror Host Magazine wish you Success! Viva Marlena! THIS BIG NEWS!

Alright Midnite! Our Featured She-Creature Pin-Up for October!

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Your HHCF publisher Mr. Lobo is here with that darling of darkness Marlena Midnite, hostess of a hot horror host show called MIDNITE MAUSOLEUM that is blowing up cable TV boxes all over America…After a car wreck “Ms. Midnite” came back from the grave as a horror hostess with her adoring servants Wolfred and Franklin, and is visited often by a host of other friends who are always creeping around the boneyard. Robyn Graves is the show’s Midnite Mail Girl and Marlena’s best friend. Robyn and Marlena are always getting into mischief on Iowa Public Access stations and almost a hundred other stations across the country.

Thea Munster


When she’s not slinking around graveyards and posing for alluring photographs, our first ever ‘Bone-a-fiedSHE-CREATURE, Thea Munster, is an extremely busy ghoul! In 2003 she started The Toronto zombie walk (or TZW), from there she hit the ground running — or at least staggering aggressively forward, never to look back. As you may know, “Zombie Walks” are now an international phenomenon and are a staple in the horror community.

Having a knack for making gore from kitchen supplies, Thea prefers an old school zombie style. She teaches classes to young people at local libraries and schools on how to make their own ghastly zombie effects.

She has been recruited by George Romero to bring zombies to the premieres of DIARY OF THE DEAD and SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD, as well as filled theaters with zombies for the world premiere of FIDO and Toronto After Dark’s Zombie Appreciation Day.
Leading the hordes of the undead masses has earned her the status of one of the foremost ladies of horror in the great white north.

She is a skilled video and sound editor, makes short videos in her spare time and works on horror scripts. Thea Munster was the subject of the documentary BEG FOR BRAINS and has been a zombie spooksberson on CNN, CBC Radio 1, FOX TV, Global, and City TV, as well as being featured in many publications and has taken time out of her busy after-life to answer some of our questions!

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