The Complete Bob Wilkins Creature Features

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BOB WILKINS (April 11, 1932 – January 7, 2009) is a legend in Northern California as the beloved horror host of movies on TV–most famously the incarnation called CREATURE FEATURES. His unique approach to the films and his hosting style was a simple extension of his dry wit and charming personality. He didn’t wear a Dracula cape or a Lab Coat like his contemporaries. He puffed a Cigar and often told you “Don’t Stay Up Late–it’s Not Worth It!” This DVD compilation contains the dates and titles of his weekly horror shows on KCRA 3, KTXL 40, and KTVU 2 with vintage interviews of Bob Wilkins, clips from his shows, film trailers, commercials, stills, and audio recordings. A video scrapbook, you definitely will not catch it all on a single viewing.Bob_Wilkins
This DVD covers his years hosting Creature Features from 1966 to 1981. Over 1,200 Shows & 1,800 Movies! Each and every is one covered! Take a trip through 16 years across 3 TV stations of Bob Wilkins’ humor and of course the horror films.
Archival Interviews include genre greats, Christopher Lee, John Carradine, Donald Sutherland, John Belushi, John Landis, and William Marshall.

Because of this DVD release, Bob was covered recently in the internationally circulated RUE MORGUE magazine–something he never would have dreamed of. As the producer of his own show in two very large markets remains one of the most significant horror hosts in history and the inspiration of the film AMERICAN SCARY. He is also the primary influence and senior consultant for national horror host Mr. Lobo of CINEMA INSOMNIA. THIS is a MUST HAVE! Kudos to NOVEMBER FIRE for putting it out!

As Bob would say: “Watch Horror Films – Keep America Strong!”

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