Letters to the Head-Eater

Hey HHCF Magazine,

There are a lot of Horror Hosts out there. I want to know what the Criteria for being a Horror Host is, anyway? It’s getting harder and harder to tell...

– Johnny Fakename

Greetings Mr. Fakename ( if that IS your real name ),

It’s easy to be confused or frustrated as we’re dealing with something that didn’t need to be specifically defined before. Local TV vs. Regional vs. Syndicated vs. National vs. Cable vs. Access vs. Satellite vs. Home Video vs. Internet vs. Anthologies vs. Spook Shows vs. Movies vs. Radio vs. Comic Books. Like many activities it’s a hobby and a profession. A guy who plays Tennis in his backyard is playing the same game as John McEnroe, Andre Agassi, or Venus Williams but he’s not automatically entitled to respect among fans and historians. Writers Write, Singers Sing, Hosts Host…hosting alone does not make you notable but it does make you a host.

                                                Your HHCF Publisher,
                                                Mr. Lobo

Fans have voiced their opinions on what it takes to be a Horror Host!


“You as a host need to be as good or better than the movie”
-Rob McCarthy (Comedy Writer)

“I think the secret to hosting, to ALL hosting of any subject matter, is that the host makes a connection with the viewer. You are not just watching a re-run or old crappy movie, we are watching it WITH you and we’re having fun together.”
-Matthew Pak Continue reading

Letters to the Head-Eater

Dear HHCF,

I just had to write to you and say how much I truly enjoyed the first issue of your magazine. Horror Hosts and Creature Features came along at just the right time in my life. For months, whenever I’d tell my friends that my new found dream was to become a horror host they looked at me like I had two heads. To be fair, that’s because I did (darn that Dr. Suzuki!), but after getting the second one removed they still looked at me funny and that’s when I realized that the general public had no idea what a horror host even was! I myself grew up with Stuff like Elvira, Tales from the Crypt, and Mystery Science Theater 3000, so I knew they were out there. Still, I started to doubt myself. I started to think maybe that’s all there was. Maybe I was living in a fantasy world where only a handful of horror hosts existed. All that thinking changed when I got on Facebook, however, and found a whole underground subculture full of gorgeous ghouls and ghastly guys dedicated to bad movies and cheesy puns as much as I was. Then came your magazine! I’m rambling a little, so let me just close by saying I think what you’re doing with HHCF is a great thing for the horror host community and horror fans alike. Keep up the good work. I can’t wait to feast my eyes on issue two.

– Ryan B

Greetings Ryan,

As a horror host and the publisher of Horror Hosts and Creature Features, we appreciate and completely sympathize with your thoughts. We live in an exciting time where horror host fans get to share their favorites and it is created a “New Genre” that was always there. We hoped that someone else was going to report on this exciting new sub-culture exclusively and after waiting and waiting, we realized that the word was not getting out. Thank you so much for picking up our message in a bottle! You have a great couple of heads on your shoulders and we invite you to join the fun!

Your Host,
Mr. Lobo

P.S. We stole your joke for the title of this post — Thanks!