Horror Hosts

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7 thoughts on “Horror Hosts

  1. A Rochesterian here too….I used to watch Frightening Flickers every Saturday night at 11:30, WHECTV 10. I’ve been trying to remember the whole intro narration but that was a long time ago. There never was an actual “Gregory”, so no photos…just a voice over with a guy staggering through a misty graveyard. Anyone have an old vid of that intro?

  2. Yes, I remember Gregory! We could pick up channel 10 from Rochester on the north side of Lake Ontario. Does anyone have any pics or videos of him?

  3. We didn’t forget you, Fenriz. We just haven’t had one of your fans submit a picture from Horror Dungeon yet. You can encourage your fans to send us photos on our facebook page!

  4. the most incredible things about your website are the structure and the information you provide.

  5. Very cool site ever hear of Gregory the grave walker and Frightening Flickers from Rochester, NY early to mid 70’s I think

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